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FRI, MAY 31, 2015 – Jeremy Arndt wrote an article on the bus WVO system for this month's Tiny House Magazine! The article is titled WVhOme. It is a special issue featuring a whole bunch of school bus conversions, in addition to some of their regular content. To go to a paypal link to purchase Tiny House Magazine Issue 29, click here. To check out their site, click:

SuperDre is featured in SPIN magazine

SuperDre is featured in SPIN magazine this spring and is honored among of their TOP TEN producers to watch list. Brimming with contagious energy and a vivacious personality, the super-funky Superdre ties together her training in classical music strings and piano with a knack for computer and software technology.

Otherwise - Guitar World magazine

Otherwise, who recorded again at Double D in 2015, receives the honor to be featured in the June 2015 issue of Guitar World magazine!! It's on stands now. Go pick up a copy.. This dude Eddie Van Halen is on the cover.. You may have heard of him!?

FRI, MAR 21, 2015 – Double D recording artists 'Otherwise' (Century Media) from Las Vegas visited Grand Rapids on their day off from their tour with 10 Years (Palehorse Records)  and spent some time tracking guitars in studio and visited 97.9 WGRD for an interview and special acoustic performance with Meatalhead Ned.

WED, FEB 18, 2015 – Congratulations to Dante Cope on winning the 2015 Jamie award for best Jazz album with 'Jasmin and the Digital Wasteland!' Make sure to visit him online here and download the album on iTunes. Next, Double D recording artists Otherwise have a new music video called 'Coming for the Throne' that can be viewed right here. Their tour with 10 Years is under way and will be stopping in Michigan in March!

'Live Love Travel Dream' has launched a NEW website

Jeremy Arndt's 'Live Love Travel Dream' has launched a NEW website that can be visited here. And finally the studio has beefed up the gear list again with a custom drum kit from Pork Pie, Zildgian A custom cymbals, DW hardware, EV RE20 mic, cloud lifter, additional Mogami cables and Sony headphones. Check the studio page for updates.

Catholic Charities of West Michigan visited Double D and had new audio commercials recorded in studio!

Special thanks to Catholic Charities of West Michigan for visiting Double D and recording a new PSA about their foster care program. Its an honor to work with the organization and help spread their message. You can listen here and visit them online to learn more on their homepage.

THU, DEC 4, 2014 – Jeremy Arndt has released a new song called "Satya" for FREE DOWNLOAD! Check it out, and then follow the link on the video page. The recording and video were commissioned for the documentary film "Something Like a Sabbatical" by the team at Two in the Middle. "Satya" was recorded, mixed, and mastered by David James at Double D Productions and filmed by Matthew Douglas Grzeszak of Atomic Independent Pictures.

Otherwise thanks Double D in liner notes of Darker Side of the Moon!

THU, DEC 4, 2014 – Double D received honorable mention in the credits of the NEW Otherwise album Peace at All Costs! The album debuted at #49 in the Billboard top 200. "Darker Side of the Moon" was produced by David Bottrill (whose credits include Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Kid Rock, Dream Theater, and Peter Gabriel) and features a tremendous selection of tracks including "Meet Me in the Dark", "Love and War", "Coming for the Throne", "Man on Fire", "Fate Is Your Enemy", and the first single, "Darker Side of the Moon". Download the album, check tour dates, and more at! Listen for these tracks in the new David Duchovny film Relative Insanity, due out in 2015!

It's a tale of two buses at Double D Productions!

TUE, SEPT 16, 2014 – A tale of two buses! Here at Double D, Live Love Travel Dream has put a gorgeous new coat of paint on Two Birds! Work continues daily on this veggie-oil-powered home on wheels. Out on the West Coast, Otherwise is ready to hit the road in style aboard their new tour bus! Catch the band on Sept. 21 in Battle Creek or Oct. 3 in Flint with Korn.

Thanks from Double D for a great summer recording season!

THU, SEPT 11, 2014 – Summer 2014 has been an excellent season for Double D, with the new studio booked solid since the second week of June. Big thanks to Grand Rapids area musicians for the support, and to the community of Forest Hills for the warm welcome. Also, the gear locker has been upgraded with additional Universal Audio preamps, more RAM, and new Sony studio headphones. Double D Productions looks forward to serving your recording needs for years to come!


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"This (The Man by Deadwood Stone) sounds better then over half of the popular stuff we play on this station"
Free Beer and Hot Wings on 97.9 WGRD

"When I heard what Double D did for other bands,
I was sold on the first day. Sold."
Nick Eaton, guitarist and vocalist with As Voices Echo

"Double D knows best."
C-Man, vocalist with Twin Lake Boyz

"This is a great drum set, you can record anything on this.
The kick drum sounds huge."
Corky Gainsford drummer from Otherwise

"Double D is very thorough"
Adrian Patrick lead singer from Otherwise.

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